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Mechants Processing POS Systems Florida
Mobile credit card processing
Florida credit card terminals

We provide the following services:

All types of Terminals Equipment Solutions to fit your business needs.

• Seamless POS System Integration
• Fast Activation and Setups
• No Disruption of Business Operation
• Reliable Reprogramming Options
• Mobile Ticketing Applications
• Most-Effective Equipment Plans
• One Call Resolutions
• All major types of Point of Sale Software for Restaurants & Retail

We offer point of sale system for any restaurant / hospitality includes computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, possibly a kitchen printer and POS Software. And you can use your current POS computer if you wanted to.

Cash Advance; Working CAPITAL ADVANCES
what would you do with a little extra working capital?
paying with check? Not a problem. Mobile Payment using your cell phone where ever you are.

Easy Pay Easy Go®

The perfect solution to speed up your small ticket customer through the point of sale!
• E-commerce Solutions can help your business:
• Receive order confirmation by mail
• Keep card information more secure
• Make purchases with confidence
• Place orders quickly and reliably
• Schedule recurring billing
• Reduce risk and increase security
• All types of GIFT CARD PROGRAM
• Know what having a Gift Card Program can mean to your business.
• MPS Non-Profit Give Back Program
• Raising the benefit for non-profit organizations
• Educative tools

Merchant Statement Cost Benefit Analysis

if you’re already accepting credit card payments be sure to ask us about our FREE – NO Obligation Merchant Statement Cost Benefit Analysis. We can compare your current rates versus our preferred rates and give you a detailed analysis showing you the immediate savings we can offer. Interchange pricing is generally the most cost effective and easy to understand. We will take our time to educate you on how interchange pricing works and why you should deny any other offer.

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